Visitor Management System - IDENTITY

Visitor Management System is an administrative platform used to record all daily access to your physical premise. This includes all types of visitors. Monitor and control your daily events happening at the entry check point of your palace or company and keep a history of all visitors that have physically entered in your premise. Common usage includes but not limited to visitors, contractors, and vendors. VMS requires all visitors to fill in their basic information; Name, ID number, phone number, purpose of visit. This information is saved in the database waiting for entry permission or in another case entry denial. Next time the same user visits, his/her information will automatically appear by introducing the basic information.

IDENTITY was first created as a response to the traditional VMS, where it only focuses on check in / out of visitors. IDENTITY goes beyond that with the detailed access management, where it implements “zones” as permission per each building. In traditional systems, the visitor is only issued a permission or not; IDENTITY takes it to the next level, each permit issued is specified to specific zones or "vehicles" within the premise.

Benefits of IDENTITY

- Less than 15 seconds for user check-in

- 100 % reliable and perfectly detailed Visitor Management System for anyone & anything entering the premises

- IDENTITY’s database enables the administrator an extensive reporting & analysis mechanism

- All visitors’, employees’, contractors’ information is strictly confidential and only viewed by the system’s administrator

- Professional badges printed within seconds of inserting the information

- Keeps secure areas secure by issuing access only when appropriate

- System is online 24/7 ensuring constant run time with no electricity nor hardware disruption

- Integrated advanced search platform for visitor details

- Entry permission per zone for visitors and cars

- Permit and Block any visitor

- Allow or block any user at anytime

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