About us

Innovative software development company

We are a systems integrator company focusing on delivering innovative solutions
and services that excel our customers’ operation efficiency in the
domain of smart airport and city infrastructure.

The History

Signals Control was created to solve ongoing development issues that have not been solved in the region. Companies and customers face various problems and issues when developing their software; this is because traditional development companies employ developers and coders. At Signals Control, we have developers, database developers, electric engineers, electromagnetic engineers, civil engineers, and employees from different sectors. Our team ensures the optimal development of the software and perform constant updates upon bugs encounters.

We began with the ideology that a happy customer is a returning customer; this has been proved at our company, most of the clients are returning. We pride ourself by that fact, trust is one of our biggest values.

  • Sectors we are involved in

    Airport Operations
    100% Complete

    85% Complete

  • Smart City
    75% Complete

  • Smart Airport Solution
    75% Complete

  • Business Intelligence
    85% Complete

  • Physical Management System
    75% Complete
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