The Integrated Aircraft Stand System combines various discrete systems providing services to parked aircraft

The concept of centralized control and monitoring of Stands and Aprons is called Integrated Aircraft Stand System. The system is a multi-user system and based on server-client topology. The IASS centralizes data acquired for the ramp utility services such as the Ground Power Unit, Pre-Conditioned Air, Water Supply, Vacuum Drainage, Passenger Boarding Bridge and the associated pits of these systems.

A large airport typically has various automation systems that require automatic information interchange among them to ensure safe and efficient airport operations. However, those systems were often developed by different vendors and were not designed to be interoperable, which makes systems integration a very complicated matter. Signals Control provides the integration information requirements and designing the systems integration architecture for Airport Utilities.


The purpose of the IASS is to control and monitor the services at the apron area and their connected field equipment such as, the Visual Guidance Docking System, Passenger Loading Bridge, Potable Water System, Blue Water System, Vacuum System, Ground Power Units, Pre Conditioned Air, Pop up-pits and the associated plant room for each system (Blue Water Plant Room, Potable Water Plant Room, Glycol Plant Room, Vacuum Control Plant Room).

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